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Build better relations with children and adults alike

About Jelly

We employ social and emotional learning competencies which help students better understand their thoughts and emotions & become more self-aware, and to have more empathy when mixing with people of different backgrounds, beliefs and capabilities.

Our Vision

Meet Our Specialists

We are actively recruiting the best of the best so watch this space grow with professionalism

Science graduate, psychology post-graduate.

Darren Cowlbeck

Emotional Intelligence

Darren is dedicated to guiding students in understanding and managing their emotions, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. | +819060156862



Empathy Development

Jelly is committed to cultivating empathy in students, helping them appreciate diverse perspectives and form meaningful connections.



Mindfulness Practices

Jelly introduces mindfulness practices to students, promoting self-awareness and emotional regulation for a balanced and harmonious life.

The Five Competencies of SEL


To recognize your emotions and how they impact your behaviour; acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses to better gain confidence in your abilities.

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