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“Bursty” Communication Can Help Remote Teams Thrive

Who would have thought that 2020 would become the year of the pandemic? It seems only yesterday that company's were desperately trying to encourage their employees to telework, and now, those same companies can't get their staff to come back to the office.

I have just come across an interesting article from 2018 which asks the question: "Can remote teams achieve the productivity of the office and still allow the convenience of working at home?" Does this question still remain relevant when we are all working from home and we don't have the opportunity to meet by the proverbial coffee machine? "People often think that constant communication is most effective, but actually, we find that bursts of rapid communication, followed by longer periods of silence, are telltale signs of successful teams." So, is working remotely actually a better communication option? Check out the following link and find out:

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